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What Makes Up a Network Security Solution
Network security components consist of many pieces, including:

Anti-virus and anti-spyware
Web protection
Email security
Backup and recovery
Network Security Payoffs
Network security has a number of benefits for defending your clients’ businesses against threats.

Obviously the number one advantage is minimizing the level of risk for attacks, infections, and breaches. For most companies, reaching an acceptable level of security can be difficult, if not impossible, to achieve on their own, even for organizations that have their own IT staff and help desk.

With the right network security tools, however, MSPs can offload the security yoke from organizations and protect their clients’ computer systems, networks, files, and data from attacks and breaches.

Keeping files free from infection is particularly important in today’s collaborative workplace, where information is shared among co-workers inside a company as well as with partners, consultants, analysts, and others outside the company.

Network security also keeps sensitive data, such as personal information and confidential business materials, away from unauthorized individuals. The impact resulting from a breach of this data can cause significant and long-lasting financial and legal consequences, embarrassment, and ruined reputations. Companies that are subject to the scrutiny of regulatory standards such as HIPAA PCI DSS, NERC CIP, and SOX might also be subject to legal implications and hefty penalties.

Besides these benefits, a network security system offers additional advantages that may be less obvious, but are just as critical to a company’s business operations.

Increased Profits
Keeping computer networks operating at peak efficiency is critical for any organization. With network security tools in place, sluggish systems and downtime, which can eat into profits and render systems unstable, become a thing of the past.

Improved Productivity
The more time employees spend visiting recreational websites, the less time they devote to their work. Network security can promote safe browsing and improve productivity by preventing employees from accessing these sites.

Moreover, certain sites — such as those containing adult, gaming, gossip, and racist content — are notorious for containing viruses, malware, and other anomalies that can be easily transmitted to client computers and networks without the knowledge of website visitors. Denying access to these sites reduces the chance that these infections and malware will get introduced into your network.

Leave Reactive for Proactive
Most companies adopt a reactive attitude when it comes to their networks and take action only after something goes wrong. Using an MSP to enforce network security allows problems to be identified and remediated quickly before they can cause downtime, render systems unstable, and affect business operations.

Enhanced Compliance
Companies that adhere to regulatory standards know the penalties they will incur if they should fall out of compliance. Adopting a network security system can enhance a company’s compliance posture through real-time monitoring of data flows throughout the organization.

Client Confidence

Once clients know their systems and data are being protected, their confidence in the protection being afforded and in you as their gatekeeper of security, rises. A natural outgrowth of this confidence is that clients become inclined to purchase other service offerings from you


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